Our family has lived from one end of Sarasota and Manatee County to the other – and everywhere in between over the past 18 years. Knowing the areas in which we sell are key to helping our customers find the lifestyle they are looking to enjoy.  We have helped many families from out of state find their new homes and lifestyles – sometimes sight unseen. 

People trust us and that means the world to us.   With that trust, we have been able to help families with loved ones that live in the greater Sarasota area that happen to now need a change in their living arrangement, whether it is to move back north by their children, or move on to a fantastic retirement home.  We can even help you prepare the home of a passed loved one for sale – with compassion and understanding of what loss means to the ones left behind. Most of the time we can coordinate this with minimal away time – from your job and current life; our family lives to help your family. 

Being a military family, we consider it a great honor to help our service members find homes to start their new life.  First time home-buyers have a special place in our hearts as well, it’s a joy to see others achieve their goals and to know that we played a major role in their life.  This is what we do; this is who we are – your Realtors.  We have it covered.  Bring us your creative needs and see how we can help you achieve your goals and lifestyle needs.  We are only a call away – everyday.

Buyer’s Agent:

Full Time, 24/7 if needed to beat out your competition from buying your dream house out from under you. Speed, Communication, Contract Negotiation, Computer Savvy…  including eSigning creation.

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Selling/Listing Agent:

Full Time, 24/7 if needed to insure that you do not lose a buyer that is on the fence. Modern Marketing Expertise, Decor and Staging Professional, Speed, Communication, Contract Negotiation, Computer Savvy.

New Construction REALTOR:

Full Time, 24/7 if needed to insure that your questions are answered when you NEED them answered. First hand understanding of the new build process to help you safely navigate from contract to closing. Strong familiarity with what the new communities have to offer.