​It depends.

I am often told by real estate professionals and homeowners that a room is a bedroom because it has a closest.  The dictionary defines a bedroom as a room furnished and used for sleeping.  No references to a closet.

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Single Family Housing Policy Handbook 4000.1 reads, “The appraiser must not identify a room as a bedroom that cannot accommodate ingress or egress in the event of an emergency”.  Again, no reference to a closet.

The 2012 supplement to the Florida Building Code defines a bedroom as: A room that can be used for sleeping and that:  A. For site built dwellings has a minimum of 70 square feet of air conditioned space; B. For manufactured homes constructed according to the standards of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and has a minimum of 50 square feet of floor area; C.  Is located along an exterior wall; D. Has a closet and a door or an entrance where a door could be reasonable installed; and E. The 2012 supplement to the Florida Building Code states that a bedroom “has a closet and a door or and entrance where a door could be reasonably installed.” Finally, there is a reference to a closet.

What if a home doesn’t have any closets? Does that mean it is a bedroom less home? When I complete an appraisal, if it looks like a bedroom, acts like a bedroom and has some combination of the requirements above, I usually call it a bedroom.

This Article was found in Florida Realtor magazine; article was written by Daniel Lindeman, RAA, MNAA, owner of Empire Appraisal Group, Inc. August 2017