A public service announcement from Nicole Giordano


One of the biggest mistakes buyers make when searching for a home is starting the process without a “pre-approval” letter.

Many times a buyer will wait until they have found the house of their dreams to start calling lenders. In this market it is so extremely important to already have financing approved. There is almost nothing more exciting than finding the perfect home. You are already imagining who gets what room, how you are going to decorate, and possibly even dreaming about your house warming party. You are ready to pull the trigger and make an offer! Great right?! No, not great if you do not have your pre-approval. You can not go under contract on that house until you show how you are going to pay for it. Now you have left the home and risk one of the other 10 people that saw it ( and had their pre-approval letter) snagging your dream home away from you. I know how devastating that will be because that is exactly what happened to me. I would not wish that feeling on my worst enemy.

So I urge everyone reading this, that is ready to buy their home within the next 90 days, to please contact Craig at Supreme Lending ( or your lender of choice) to get pre-approved today. I can’t speak for other lenders, but with Craig it is usually a 5 minute phone call and he can have you squared away within a matter of hours. Click the link below for more information about what Craig and Supreme Lending can do to ensure your home buying experience has a happy ending.

Nicole Giordano ~ REALTOR