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Veterans: 5 Must-Know Tricks for Making an Offer

  1. Be cautious—but not dismissive—of older homes

Before you get down to the business of making an offer, you’ll need to ensure you’re making an offer on the right kind of home. When you’re buying with a VA loan, you’ll have to get the home approved by an appraiser, and the VA’s standards can be stricter than those for the average home buyer. Don’t let that deter you though. Work with a patient REALTOR who is understands the art of negotiating on your behalf.

  1. Work out repair requests with the seller

Even if you’re buying a newer home, you’ll have to be on the lookout for potential problems. The need for a little updating in the kitchen or a fresh coat of paint won’t matter much to a VA appraiser, who’s looking at broad health, safety, and marketability issues. But bigger issues can cause a problem with your VA loan—and, subsequently, your offer. 

Read the full article By Angela Colley | Nov 11, 2016