When we began our search for a Real Estate agent my wife & I knew we would need to interview several to find a great one – not just a good one. We first met Steve at an open house for one of his listings. We both were first impressed by his very professional appearance (first impressions are important) and then delighted by his presentation. A day or so after meeting Mr. Smith we went to his office in downtown Venice and discovered their philosophy, their vision and their attention to detail. It turns out that Steve and Katrina were EXACTLY what we had been searching for in every way. We couldn’t have been happier receiving the “two for one” complete package! It is amazing to see how well they work together to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Our home was NOT one of those multi-million dollar homes in a gated community but we sure received the million-dollar treatment!

In any event our home was sold in eight days. The amount of effort put in by Steve and Katrina was phenomenal. Their attention to detail and their professionalism were instrumental in a very rapid sale at a price we were happy with.

I know of people who have tried to save money by selling their home by themselves but I believe that dollar for dollar, Steve Martin Smith and Katrina Smith really can’t be beat.